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Increase the Instagram engagement in just 2 steps

An Interesting Instagram engagement rate is much more essential to grow up your account. It is not much to your surprise the numerically set goals are interesting to many Instagrammers and social media marketers.   To buy Instagram engagement for your post it is important for you to have a noteworthy and strikingly good content.  Believe it or not, content is the king for anything you wish to build on the social media platform for a long term basis.  The Instagram accounts are prone to fluctuations and sudden algorithm changes which make it very difficult for the user to perform, maintain and track the changes.


The primary step is to engage with a similar niche of your industry


Before start posting anything, you need to follow and take time to engage with the content that the other people are sharing on a regular basis. Track those and find the pattern. Every profile has a unique pattern rather a strategy if you constantly follow, you will surely get the glimpse of it, it can be timing, following, commenting, colour palate and even schedules. One thing that s notable in every successful profile is the content.  The initial option of calculating on Instagram based on IG manual engagement is to divide the total number of likes and comments by your follower count and then multiple by the given percentage. It is an interesting way of calculation to get the numerical idea!




If you are running a fashion brand Instagram account, you require engaging with the content from the fashion label accounts. You need to follow fashion influencers, inspirational accounts based on fashion and so on. If you are managing your social media marketing campaigns based on these sorts of posts, from the through leaders of similar industry you will likely to have an increased number of followers. Putting yourself out there in this big arena or the industry, the right set of audiences will have interest in your content and hopefully, they will start selling it in their own way- liking, sharing, commenting and tagging.


Start engaging with the content immediately after you post


If you wish to get many numbers of engagements then your post needs to be perfect in terms of time. Maintain a specific time and notice the engagement of. To boost manual Instagram Engagement is not a big deal at all but before that paving a way to make the page active is a basic. A lot of the engagements happen by simply means Instagram algorithm which recognizes the posts in more likely and interesting to your followers, causing the specific post to appear higher times to your followers feed. Engage with the post shortly after you have posted something to your own feed and keep it going.


A large number of posts will vary your positing habits. You will get a much deeper view on this once you are quite smart in handling the engagements of it. Implementing your tactics will increase manual engagement on Instagram by keeping your audiences entertained, along with attracting the new followers on a daily basis.

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