Instagram organic engagement rate

Ways to understand your Instagram organic engagement rate

On the Pukutu, we’ve checked out Instagram organic engagement rate and explained what it is, and why it is necessary for influencer promoting. Now, the consideration in on what specific organic traffic rate is on and the way you’ll verify the expected rate of an influencer you’re aiming to collaborate with.


The calculation


If you’ve to browse our previous diary posts what’s organic traffic rate and Why is it necessary in Marketing?” and the way to live associate user’s traffic rate”, you’ll grasp a small amount concerning engagement rates.


To calculate associate Instagram organic engagement rate on, follow the steps below:


  1. Look into all of the users’ posts for the last thirty days and add up the overall variety of likes and comments on every post.
  2. Divide that number by the number of posts there are within the last thirty.
  3. Currently that you just have the common engagements per post, divide that by the number of followers the user has.
  4. Finally, times the quantity higher than by one hundred, to show the numbers into a share. This can be the IG organic rate of the influencer.


It’s a manual method, particularly if you’re attempting to figure out the engagement rate of an inventory of thirty users.


In summary, as associate trade customary, the associate organic engagement rate on Instagram between 1 Chronicle and three is usually sensible, it’s the common we tend to see on associate influencer’s profile. If the engagement rate is beyond three-dimensional, that’s a decent sign that their audience is extremely engaged with their content, and if it’s below 1 Chronicle, it means that their audience as a full isn’t engaged with their content.


Keep in mind, variety of things impact the organic engagement rate on Instagram, like the time of every individual post, the frequency of posting, the number of followers, the content and electronic communication and therefore the Instagram algorithmic rule.


So once you are deciding what influencer to figure with, or comparison a cohort of influencers, ensure you concentrate on IG organic traffic rate. It’s a vital metric to think about and will not be unnoticed once selecting influencers for your campaign.


If you’ve got any questions on organic  rates on Instagram, take advantage of our 24*7 chat service support.

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